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Árpád road 142.

4th district, Budapest
Condominum of 76 units

Vörösmarty Garden

7th district, Budapest
Condominium of 68 units

Erkel House

8th district, Budapest
Condominium of 272 units


11th district, Budapest
Condominium of 63 units

White Castle

11th district, Budapest
Condominium of 110 units


13th district, Budapest
Condominium of 362 units

News of economy and real estate market

More than half of young people save on a monthly basis in Hungary, but they have a completely different priority list to their European counterparts in terms of savings, a report by credit management services firm Intrum Justitia reveals.
Through a direct order of Prime Minister’s Office leader János Lázár the government monitoring office KEHI launched an investigation into the sale of a piece of land by the PMO in Budapest’s 11th District near Lake Feneketlen, weekly Heti Válasz learnt.
The Constitutional Court has ruled that the current regulation of the sale and utilisation of “Natura 2000” lands breaches the basic law. Farmland classified as “Natura 2000” can be farmed only by observing specific environmental requirements to preserve wildlife in the area.
While the government has been continuously increasing the rate of housing subsidies aimed at the wealthier segments of society, households most in need are getting left behind according to Habitat for Humanity Hungary’s annual report on housing poverty. Habitat for Humanity Hungary’s (HFHH) report draws a picture of a housing policy that is increasingly aimed at the wealthier and neglects the prob…
Young Hungarians consider saving money important, and more than half of them save money every month. The main goal is to buy a home, according to a recent survey conducted at the end of last year by Intrum Justitia.